About Epic Moto


Epic™ Moto Co designs, manufactures and sells custom parts and The Naked Series™ conversion kits for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Epic also distributes some of the industry’s top accessories and gear specifically selected to complement the Epic Moto Co custom product lines and kits. 

Epic Moto Co is the brainchild of celebrity designer Chris Eder (link to About Chris Eder bio) and co-founders Kelly Hedgepeth and Earl Warrick. Known for shaking up the industry and turning heads with his killer bike designs, Chris is doing it again with a breakthrough concept that makes high-end customized looks accessible and affordable to all riders.

Epic officially launched in September 2017 at the Geico Motorcycle Hot Bike Tour in Johnson City, Tennessee. But heads were turning months before as Epic began to entice Harley enthusiasts on social media with images of four new concept bikes.

The response has been overwhelming and Epic Moto Co is proud to offer its first line of custom parts and café racer conversion kits for Harley Davidson touring bikes called The Naked Series™. 

Go from bagger – to racer – back to bagger. In your own garage.

The Naked Series™ is a complete line of customized, bolt-on parts that turn any Harley-Davidson touring bike into a badass Purpose Built Motorcycle. With the Naked Series from Epic Moto Co, any rider can go from bagger to racer, and back to bagger – all in your own garage.

Chris Eder, like most Harley riders, has an insatiable need to feel the raw horsepower and rumble of the HD engine as the rubber hits the road. But the weight of a dressed-out touring bike can get in the way.

The Epic Naked Series™ is the solution for riders who want the best of both worlds—touring comfort, and high-performance café racer – all in one bike.

Affordable, lightweight, alluring designs optimized for performance and speed.

The Naked Series products bring back the thrill of those gritty, heart-thumping rides by stripping the weight and easily converting into a light, fast ridable bike. Epic’s Naked Series line of products feature Chris’ signature style. Sleek lines. Raw expression. Alluring and sexy design. Freakin’ epic.

All Naked series products are high-quality bolt-on parts manufactured for performance and durability. Simple tools are all that is needed, no structural or frame modifications needed. That means your original HD warranty won’t be voided and you can unleash your badass, without breaking the bank. Boom.

With the Naked Series, riders can ditch the bags for a stripped-down performance ride with your buddies. Then, easily convert back to a touring bike for longer trips.